Genius graphic tablet in Maya and 3ds Max

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Using Genius graphic tablet in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max or if you are a Zbrush user change Max and Maya navigation to be more Zbrush-like

Change all navigation control to your left hand and use your graphic tablet pen for the strokes only. The combination of keystroke I use is based on the idea to unify workflow throughout the software I use. I can easily transfer from maya to max to mocha to after effects to Zbrush without changing the position of my hand or even thining what keystrokes i need to change.

Of course you can use any key combination, If you are left-handed switch your navigation to different buttons, for example Alt Gr and punctuations signs.


Set up in Maya:

Here is what you can do:

In Maya go to Window>Settings/Preference>Hotkey Editor.

To set Zoom, go to category Navigation>DollyTool and set its key shortcut to Y.

To set Pan, go to category Navigation>PanZoomTool and set its key shortcut to X.

Rotate is set up to work properly by default.

By default shortcut X is used for snapping to grid, if that is something you use often think about using key combination A and S.

Unsure to which keys are free to be used, in the Hotkey Editor, hit „List All“ button and you’ll see the „Unmapped“ column on the right.


Set up in Max:

In Max go to Customize>Customize User Interface

In the tab Keyboard:

To set Zoom, in the category MainUI find Zoom Mode and set its key shortcut to Y.

To set Pan, in the category MainUI find Pan Non-Camera View and set its key shortcut to X.

In the tab Navigation:

To set Rotate, select Arc Rotate and set its key shortcut to ALT + LMB.

I am a big fan of genius graphic tablets. I use Genius Tablet i608 and Genius Tablet M610.


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