Spherify modifier in Maya

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Transfering from Max to Maya, and you are searching for a spherify modifier
or you just need to a way to turn your selection into a circle or a ball


QUICK TIP:  Spherify modifier in Maya

Switch to Animation tab (press F2) and with active vertex selection go to
Create Deformers>Sculpt Deformer.
Use the default setting and it will create a sphere gizmo in the centre od selection. Scale the sphere gizmo beyond the selection and you will affect the position of the verteces like on the images below.


More examples of using sculpt deformer

Depending from the scale and position of the sphere gizmo you will gett different results. So for example if I move the sphere below by selection it will force all vertices to snap to surface creating a ball like shape or if apllied on a object you can force its shape into a sphere. Works well with any amount division , i suggest if your vertices  are unevenly distributed use average vertices fuction to get more pleasing results.

Spherify modifier in Maya Spherify modifier in Maya Spherify modifier in Maya Spherify modifier in Maya


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