Offset images faster Photoshop script

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Offset images faster Photoshop script

I love creating seamless textures in Photoshop, so to increase speed when working in Photoshop I have created two script. First one is for automatic offsetting layers for 50% and the second one is intended for checking how the tiling looks inside of Photoshop.

Just select the layer and run the script.

Here is the second script for automatic offseting. When started it will offset current layer or selection by 50% of your document size , regardless of canvas proportions. This means 1. no more looking up canvas size 2. no more calculating middle value 3. no more going filter>other>offset and typing it in

Download script Offset images faster

After you download change the file extension from .txt to .jsx just by renaming, in order for it to work. Or copy this text into a new .jsx file.

Offsets current layer or selection 50% vertically and horizontally, regardelss of the dimensions.
version 1.0 
author  : Bojan Djulbic
website :
#target photoshop
var activeDoc = app.activeDocument;
var myLayer =  activeDoc.activeLayer;
var docWidth = activeDoc.width/2;
var docHeight = activeDoc.height/2;
var newLayer = myLayer.applyOffset(docWidth,docHeight,OffsetUndefinedAreas.WRAPAROUND);


A qucik reminder how to install scripts in Photoshop

Put the file offset50percent.jsx into this folder (check your version of the Photoshop)
01 – C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\Scripts.
02 – Reset Photoshop and now under File>Browse script, you will see offset50percent.jsx in a drop down menu


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