How to fix missing UI windows Maya

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Missing UI windows in Maya Missing UI windows in Maya
Having problems with missing maya windows like UVLayout, Render Settings? This typically means that window has been placed off-screen. Usually happens when users switch monitors around, removes a monitor or if you open a scene file from a user that uses multiple monitor setup. Here is a really quick way to fix it

Maya standard ui windows

//mising window
string $tempWindows[] = `lsUI -windows`;
for ($each in $tempWindows)
window -e -tlc 0 0 $each ;


The above script will fix most of your window placement problems. But this wont work if you are using non-standard Maya UI interfaces like Vray Buffer. So here is a way how you can handle this issue.

 Vray Buffer in Maya

In case of Vray frame buffer missing you should reopen the scene and before starting render start this MEL script.
setAttr vraySettings.vfbSettingsArr -type Int32Array 0;

Delete part of your preference files

If above steps fail here is another way how you can handle UI problems in maya. You can delete window preferences, dont worry you dont have to delete your entire preferences folder. You can just delete window preferences file.
You can reset your maya’s window preferences simply by deleting the „windowPrefs.mel“ located in your maya prefs folder („USER\My Documents\maya\20xx\prefs\“). Delete these files after you close down maya.
 Once opening maya again, it will automatically create the „windowPrefs.mel“ file again, and all windows will load at their default on-screen position.

one more way of doing this, that works in other applications also

In your regular display setting switch primary and secondary screen, or change the resolution. You are going to force missing windows to appear. After it shows up move it to a different on screen position like the top of the screen and change back your resolution to desired one.
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  1. It’s annoying how infrequent this works. Because it only happens occasionally, they don’t have to dedicate resources to fixing it. Then I will eventually come back to your post to remember what to do. You ma boj, Bojan.

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