Linear workflow in Maya for Vray

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Linear workflow Maya Vray


Software version: Maya 2014, 2015, 2016 – Vray 2.xx and Vray 3.xx

Having problems with washed-out renderings in Maya and Vray? Here’s what you’ve been missing
Setting up linear workflow in Maya consist of two steps, setting the right render settings and changing the colorpsace of textures and color swatches.


Render Settings

STEP 1: The only thing you need to worry in your render settings  when setting linear workflow is the Color Mapping rollout in Vray tab. Here is a screenshot of settings you need to be using



Under VRay > Color mapping tab in Render Settings window:
Type:                           Linear (whatever is your preference, linear is set up by default, I often use Reinhard)
Dark multiplier:            1.000
Bright multiplier:          1.000
Gamma:                       Set to 2.2 in Vray 3.xx or 1.0 in Vray 2.xx
Mode:                          Color mapping only, no gamma (only in Vray 3.xx)
Affect background:        ON
Subpixel mapping:        OFF
Linear workflow:            OFF
Affect swatches:            ON (this way the swatch samples in Hypershade are displayed correctly)


Changing the colorspace of textures


The easiest way to change the colorspace of a texture is going to texture node and activate Attribtures>Vray>Texture Input gamma.



For procedural colors/textures within Maya, plug the node into a Gamma Correct node with these settings:



And if you want to use Camera as a Vray Camera activate following options


The general idea is to change the colorspace of textures that are used for self illumination, difusion, refraction, reflection. Don’t change colorspace on textures used for bump and specular.

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